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Nenthead Completed October 2004

Our Nenthead site is located near Alston in Cumbria, within the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The site area has a 300 year old history of lead mining, and the planning and development of the site was done in partnership with the Nenthead Mines Heritage Trust.

The site uses two reservoirs, named Handsome Mea and Perry's Dam that were originally built during these historic mining operations and the water used for a number of purposes in the mines. Much of the original water supply infrastructure had fallen into disrepair so in 2002 we began to refurbish the site.

The new development included laying buried pipework, reinstating historic water diversion structures and clearing out the open channels that carried water from the hillsides to the reservoirs. We also built a new Turbine house and installed two brand new sets of generation equipment, including a 315kW and 90kW turbine and generator so the combined output of the site is 405kW. The Scheme was commissioned in 2004.

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